You are Beauty

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Samuel Widmer Nicolet

You are Beauty

Krishnamurti – Applied in Daily Life

The Influence of His Teaching on Psychotherapy

On the Love of a Late Summer

Meditative Contemplations with Samuel Widmer

In this book Samuel Widmer does not attempt to summarize or interpret Krisnamurti’s teaching. He actually recreates it by offering us an insight into what he has recieved from the ”Master”. Something novel and beautiful has grown out of the merging of the teacher’s and the disciple’s mind, something that mirrors the eternal truth in yet another, new way. Beauty.

In his role of psychotherapist, the autor set out travelling on the pathless path of thruth many years ago. During this journey all roles have fallen off him. Even the role of therapist. Even the role of disciple. Nothing has been left. Marvellous nothingless. Just beauty. A disciple having absorbed the teaching pays tribute to his teacher. A beautiful testimony of a successful teacher-disciple relationship.

English Translation of "Du bist Schönheit"

broschiert, 200 Seiten, ISBN 3-9521250-7-5