About the Innermost

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Samuel Widmer Nicolet

About the Innermost


At times, in the midst of our entanglement in all the conflicts which human beings have to resolve with each other, in the midst of all the wonders revealed in the process of uncovering what is wholesome in the strands of our shared lives, it is almost forgotten: Yet it is there, the deepest, the highest, the Innermost, that which one finds only in solitude, in the deep meditative opening up of one’s inner self, that is, the possibility of expanding our being, expanding beyond all boundaries. Here is the possibility of our awakening to the whole, the possibility of not only our heart but also our head opening up and embracing everything in a single great feeling of compassion, of our consciousness opening up and encircling the entire cosmos, encircling all, encircling the Oneness.

English Translation of "Vom Allerinnersten".

ISBN-Nr. 978-3-9523033-2-0